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South Pearl Residence is an ultra modern complex consisting of luxury apartments, with exceptional up-to-date architecture and captivating design. The complex enjoys excellent location – both in terms of...
Property Management

Property Management

Every client who has bought an apartment from South Pearl Residence gets the opportunity to sign a property management contract and to take advantage of the services of Lola Ltd. The services of "Lola" Ltd are:
• Organization of the tour-operator's activity during the rental period
• Permanent 24/7 access to the online system giving you the availability to check the availability of the apartment the client has bought.
• Organization of different marketing campaigns, on local, as well as on international level; keeping contacts with well known tour operators and travel agencies, with the purpose of the renting out of the property.
• Co-operation to the clients, which includes meeting at the airport / railway station, giving and taking keys
• Registration of the tenants as foreign citizens in the local police station, as required by the law.
• Cooperation and issuing of health insurance or life insurance of the tenants.
• Organisation of the issuing of any categorization papers and all the documents required by the law for having a license for short-term or long-term rent of the property, receiving the license from the municipality.
• Web access to the bookings made for your apartment by the tour operator so that you can check the availability for yourself, friends and family. You can also check your rental income.

„Lola" Ltd partners worldwide renowned tour-operator agencies and in relation to the successful apartment rental for season 2010 is necessary an elaboration of a strategy and starting of an advertising campaign in the winter of 2009.   The company’s engagement with this off-plan apartments way before their actual rent out guarantees full season and excellent incomes for every owner of a property in the complex. 
This is the company which could make your property attractive to tourists and to ensure maximum occupancy of your apartment and ensure fast return of your investments, by renting your property out.  
The "Lola" Ltd. services are numerous and various, they concern all of the necessary activities related to the property management and service, regardless of their kind and location. 

1 - Maintenance of gardens, swimming-pools and communal areas (compulsory)
The maintenance of gardens, swimming pools and communal areas of the building will be provided by the leading real estate management company in Bulgaria - "Property Management Partner" Ltd. The annual maintenance fee is 9 EUR per sq.m. without VAT 

What would this fee cover?
- Maintenance of the garden and the parking places
- Cleaning and maintenance of the communal areas (staircases, corridors, landings and underground parking lot)
- Cleaning and maintenance of the reception and the swimming pools
- Electricity and water supply bills for the common parts, the green areas and the alleys
- 24-hour security and a janitor
- Standard repairs occurring from normal use
- Notifying the owners at some possible occurring damage in their apartments

Which services does the Property Management Partner Ltd. fee include?
• Qualified personnel of electricians, cleaning staff, gardeners and security companies which provide the maintenance of the property. The maintenance consists of: partial repairs, regular cleaning, refreshment, making of beds, airing of the rooms, linen and towel laundry, bathroom tile cleaning, window washing, carpet and furniture cleaning.
• Co-operation and making of an insurance of a real estate against any possible risks, such as burglaries, earthquakes, floods and fires – a necessary requirement of the local administration.
• Payment of all bills for power and water supply, phone bills, cable TV, Internet subscription, payments to cleaning, maintenance and security companies.
• Organization and book-keeping of all documents
• Issuing and receiving of invoices, drafts and receipts, bank documents for and from third-party providers, agencies, local authorities, state and public institutions.
• Annual financial completion of the company as well as submitting the annual tax statement at the local tax office.
• Organisation and payment of the all local taxes and fees, as well as property rent taxes and other income.
• Representation of the property owner, protection of his/her rights and execution of his/her will before any and all third-party state or public institutions and service providers.

For more information regarding Property Management Partner Ltd, e-mail us at info@southpearlresidence.com.