South Pearl Residence is an ultra modern complex consisting of luxury apartments, with exceptional up-to-date architecture and captivating design. The complex enjoys excellent location both in terms of...
Free Inspection Trip

Free Inspection Trip

Condor Travel Ltd organizes PROMOTIONAL inspection trips for purchasing apartments in South Pearl Residence.

Our company offers a number of discounts for each client who wants to buy an apartment in the complex:

1. Inspection trip in South Pearl Residence, translation services, transport costs for meeting at the airport, hotel accommodation and visiting the complex are all FOR FREE for clients who purchase an apartment in South Pearl Residence.

2. Property Management Partners Ltd covers all travel costs for their clients who have purchased an apartment in the complex as the company pays for their flight tickets.
The usual fee for an inspection trip is 250 GBP (360 EUR) per person (which covers flight, accommodation, and transport) but if the inspection trip results in an eventual purchase.

3. Property Management Partners Ltd covers the costs for 3 nights stay in a hotel in a double room for all clients who have purchased an apartment in South Pearl Residence and it takes care of booking their flight and the inspection trip. All clients will have the chance to stay in Bourgas Hotel in the town of Bourgas or in "South Pearl Resort & Spa" in Sozopol.  

4. Property Management Partners Ltd prepares all documents for transferring the property ownership, as well as all contracts necessary for purchasing the property and this is all FOR FREE for the clients who have purchased an apartment in South Pearl Residence For further details, please, contact us at: info@southpearlresidence.com.

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