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South Pearl Residence is an ultra modern complex consisting of luxury apartments, with exceptional up-to-date architecture and captivating design. The complex enjoys excellent location – both in terms of...
Exclusive Services

1 - Private beach – fantastic offer, an exclusive advantage that only a few complexes can offer!
Owners in Pearl Residence and their guests, spending their holidays in the complex, can take advantage of the private beach, which is a great opportunity to relax and feel special far from the clamorous and crowded beaches on the Black sea coast.
You don’t have to worry for your kids’ safety here, as there is round the clock camera security and a life guard. You can use the lounges and the sunshades free of charge.
A wealth of beach entertainments will be organized for you – beach volleyball, bungee jumping, beach trampoline, rickshaw driving etc.
For the lovers of romance in the complex, romantic dinners on the beach and the night bathing are some of the pleasant experiences you can enjoy in Pearl Residence.
The modern water sports like water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, motor boats, fishing excursions, diving, water-wheels and jets are all extras that every resident or visitor of the special community Pearl Residence can take advantage of.

2 – Sports coaching with personal trainers.
If sport is a thing that you value highly, if you can’t imagine your vacation without your daily sport activities, if sport is your passion – here at Pearl Residence you can find a new sport paradise.
The best coaches will be at your disposal and they will find exactly the right approach and special attitude for you.
The modern fitness centre, martial arts and yoga practice will give you the opportunity to keep yourself in good shape imperceptibly, regardless of your desire to indulge in a well-deserved rest.
Here you can learn a lot about game fishing, diving and the riches of the sea depths, you can also entrust qualified and experienced teachers with the training and entertainment of your children, while you enjoy your holiday in peace.
The biggest attraction for lovers of water sports near Sozopol is Sveti Ivan island, situated some 2 km north of the Old Town. This is the biggest island in Bulgarian territorial waters. Back in ancient times, the island was a pirates’ hiding place, and the waters surrounding the island shelter a unique underwater phenomenon called Kamennata gora (meaning “the stone forest”).

3 – Events organiser - the service is designed to fulfill residents’ every need or desire, big or small.
Making the impossible happen for you. The round-the-clock Concierge service delivers whatever you need, whenever you need it.
Should your daughter’s favourite pony need to be part of the family vacation, arrangements can be smoothly made for horse and groom to be provided.
Party planners and entertainers, for adults or children, personal shoppers - even tailors to visit you at home - are all at hand.

4 – Private sightseeing and adventure tours.
Take advantage of our offers to get acquainted with the beauties of our country. The sightseeing in the extraordinarily rich environment, including adventure tours in the mountain on quad bikes or in 4x4 vehicles, a drive on a cart pulled by a donkey along the dusty country roads, where you can meet and communicate with the real, ordinary people are only few of the offers we have for you as future owners or guests of the complex. You can choose to go on an outing to historic sites or trips to luxury camps for dinner, entertainment and an unforgettable experience in your new home.

5 – Private cuisine – a team of culinary experts entirely at hand.
Fine food is one of the great joys in life.To wine and dine, with friends, family and colleagues, to relax, talk, to share and socialise.
The Chef Club provides the ultimate in private cuisine service by offering you access to a team of the best culinary experts in Bulgaria, specialising in the preparation of the finest foods.
Available around the clock to provide you with the finest in gourmet cuisine and catering.
Whether you want a Bulgarian feast, an Indian banquet, Russian night, English breakfast or a fish extravaganza, the Chef Club will deliver, creating the finest foods in your own kitchen, to a menu drawn up by yourself - or with the help of the Chef Club advisors.
The chefs are ready at a moment’s notice to work their magic in your own home to fashion a lavish banquet for friends and honoured guests, or to help you celebrate a significant family occasion, such as an anniversary or a wedding.
Or treat yourself to a lesson in their kitchens - or indeed your own - with one of the leading chefs in Bulgaria.

6 - Children’s playground with animators.
If you have children, you know how important it is to make sure that they feel happy and relaxed during the family vacation. They need to play and their good time during the holiday reflects to a great extend on your own high spirits and recreation.
Animators will help you with the care of your little ruffians during the hardest part of their growing-up. Specially created children’s corner and a wide variety of organized amusements guarantee your kids’ happy times during your whole stay at Pearl Residence.
Taka advantage of this excellent offer and each member of your family will enjoy a dream holiday here!